Colds and Flu

We all dread cold and flu season and with good reason. Symptoms of runny noses, coughs, sore throat,  nausea, intestinal discomfort and muscle aches can really disrupt your life. If you tend to have a rough cold and flu season, come see one of our naturopathic doctors in the Fall to start preventative steps so that your immune system is in optimal shape to fight off those nasty infections.

If you already have a cold or flu, the goal of naturopathic treatment is to work with the body's defense mechanisms by enhancing immune function rather than suppressing symptoms. By treating the cause of the cold or flu, the duration of the illness can be shortened and your immune system will be more prepared to fight off the next pathogen you might encounter.

Natural treatment of colds and flu may include intravenous therapy with high dose vitamin C, temporary dietary changes and supplementation with herbs and nutrients.

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