3 Supplements to Take During your 2nd Trimester for a Healthy Baby (and Mom too!)

So you have survived the first trimester! For most the first twelve weeks come with a lot of sickness, meaning you maybe didn’t get your prenatal vitamin down as regularly as you would have hoped. Do not fret! I like to tell my moms that the first trimester is all about survival – eat what you can, supplement what you can, drink as much water as you can, see the theme here? If taking three prenatal capsules every morning leads to you spending the next hour or two on the washroom floor then it is not worth it.

The good news….  You have come out on the other side now and it is time to fuel your body and baby with some super power so that they can come out as perfect as can be!  Supplementing during your pregnancy is important for baby, but what you may not know is that we are actually supporting you, mama!  That cute little babe will take whatever it needs to grow, often leaving you depleted in essential vitamins and minerals for your own health.

This is why talking to your naturopathic doctor about proper supplementation during your pregnancy is so important.

The key to knowing what supplements are important is understanding how baby is developing during each trimester. What we want to focus on here is supporting bone calcification, neurological development and avoiding iron-deficiency anemia.



As baby develops, their soft little bones will begin to calcify and this process requires a LOT of calcium. Lucky for them, you have tons stored up in your bones and baby will pull from that storage. If calcium is deficient in your diet, baby will not suffer, but YOU will. Low calcium post-pregnancy can lead to development of osteoporosis. Supplementing with calcium will keep your stores up while simultaneously helping baby build those strong bones. Adding in things like vitamin D and magnesium will also aid in proper calcium absorption.


Fish oil

I like to recommend a good omega 3 supplement in my preconception care suggestions and it is often one of the first supplements to get dropped if the morning sickness kicks in. Now is the time to get back on it as baby’s brain is developing every minute! Omega 3’s have an added bonus of mood support for mom too!



Iron-deficiency anemia is prevalent amongst pregnant moms. Your blood volume DOUBLES during pregnancy, increasing the requirements of iron. During the second trimester, baby’s tissue growth increases, red blood cell mass and haemoglobin production starts to deplete mom’s iron stores leaving you feeling light-headed, lethargic and short of breath. It’s important to have your iron stores assessed prior to pregnancy to ensure proper dosage and supplementation. To improve your iron absorption, from supplementation or from your diet, add a little vitamin C!

To have a healthy baby much of the work starts prior to conception. I hold onto the philosophy that a healthy mama equals a healthy babe, so supporting yourself through proper nutrition and supplementation throughout your pregnancy and postpartum will be essential to providing top health for your little one.


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In love & health,

Dr. Kelsey Duncan, Naturopathic Doctor

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