Beat the Sneezes

Spring has sprung and for those of us with seasonal allergies, this means any combination of sneezing, wheezing, nasal congestion, coughing, and itchy watery eyes just to name a few!

Here are some things to try this spring to keep those sneezes at bay:

  • Avoid being outside between the times of 5am and 10am, this is when pollen counts are at their peak
  • Choose seaside holidays where pollen counts are lowest
  • Close your car windows while driving
  • Switch on the internal fan in your car to avoid pollen from getting in
  • Avoid freshly cut grass as much as possible
  • Do a sinus rinse daily to flush out any allergens (ie nettipot)
  • Change your pillow cases regularly so allergens do not accumulate.

Allergies can also be made worse by food sensitivities and many people have food sensitivities that they are not even aware of. When you have a food sensitivity, inflammation that originates in your digestive tract can make its way to all other areas of the body making a variety of conditions worse including seasonal allergies. Many people find that once they have identified their food sensitivities and eliminated them, their seasonal allergies resolve completely or are at least significantly improved. To identify your food sensitivities, and prevent this year's onslaught of sneezing, book online today with Dr. Harmonie Eleveld, Naturopathic Doctor here in Guelph at Natural Choice Medical Clinic.

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