Combating Insomnia

We have all experienced at least one restless nights of sleep, and this infrequent occurrence is probably not going to adversely affect our health too much. For others, the consequence of repeated sleepless nights accumulates and our health pays the ultimate price.

The first step is identifying potential reasons you are suffering from insomnia, from there you can try some of my strategies for combating it:

Over active mind?

Try writing down any self-damaging thoughts and feelings that are weighing on your mind throughout the day.  This simple exercise is effective because it is a way to dispose of those thoughts making room for new positive ones.

Lost your regular exercise routine?

Exercise relieves tension and helps you relax your muscles and mind to aid in a good nights sleep.

Irregular sleep schedule?

Try going to bed and rising at the same time everyday… even on weekends.

Spending time reading on an electronic device or watching t.v. before bed?

The fluorescent lights associated with these devices decrease melatonin secretion; the hormone necessary for falling asleep. Try to stop these activities at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Waking up in the middle of the night?

Stimulants do a great job at disrupting sleep. Try to drink all caffeinated beverages before lunchtime so that their effects have time to wear off throughout the day.  Alcohol is also known to fragment sleep so try to keep it to one glass at dinner time.

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