Naturopathic Cancer Care

By Dr. Aleksandra Gasinski, ND

The big “C”.  Everyone either knows someone, or is that someone who is diagnosed with cancer.  And in an instant, you are thrust into the dizzying world of doctor’s appointments, CT scans, and chemo schedules.  During this time, many people are bombarded with information from friends and family, and may seek to learn more about alternative medicine.  A growing body of research is now showing that naturopathic medicine can complement conventional cancer care very well.  We are all familiar with the common struggles of cancer treatment – weight loss, fatigue, poor appetite, digestive upset, muscular pain, and nerve damage in the hands and feet.  There are solutions available to help you experience fewer side effects, and an increased sense of energy and well-being.  For example, ashwagandha root – an East Indian herb with wonderful adaptogenic and stress-relieving qualities – can ameliorate fatigue and keep you feeling more like yourself.  A naturopathic doctor can help you navigate which supplements are safe and effective during cancer treatment, and which you should avoid. 

Looking At The Whole Person

A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event, for both the individual and their family.  Recognizing the impact of this disease on the mental and emotional aspects of a person cannot be ignored.  I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection in health and healing.  In fact, a fascinating emerging field in medical research, called psychoneuroimmunology, looks at exactly that – how our thoughts and beliefs affect our nervous system and immune system, sending messages to the body that affect our health either positively or negatively.  Taking up a meditation practice, deep breathing exercises, tai chi, positive affirmations, journaling, or counseling can be extremely beneficial during this time.  Getting regular acupuncture can also help with sleep issues, stress, and energy (not to mention digestion and pain!).  

Remission and Recovery

So you’ve gotten the all-clear from your oncologist.  Amazing!  Take this opportunity to have a look at your habits – diet, exercise, self-care – to keep it that way.  The majority of cancers are preventable – 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history.  This is actually great news!  It means the choices we make on a daily basis from the food we put in our bodies, to the products we put on our skin, to the ways in which we detox all have an influence on our risk of developing cancer.  Make your health a priority, and live your best life!

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