You ARE Good Enough

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"I want each person to feel and know they there are 'GOOD ENOUGH!'” - Cindy Owen, RP, MBT 

     - No gimmicks, no ‘how to’s’ or ‘change this, change that’.

     - No creating.

     - No striving.

     - Just sitting in your honest to goodness “good enough” frame of mind.

     - Own who you are.

     - Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

     - Make friends with your mind.

     - Listen to its tricks and schemes which lead you to feel as though you are “not good enough.”


“Give your mind a hug.”                                                                     

Realize you have always done the best you could with what you knew.  Your thoughts are not facts; rather they are false seeds that have been planted over the years by others.


“Hurt people hurt people.”

Have you been hurt by others?  Usually this hurt is caused simply because they didn’t know any better.  And although you have the idea that they should have known better, they didn’t.

They don’t know any better, just as you don’t know any better when you hurt yourself with unfair judgements and comparisons.


Know that you are doing the best you can with what you have.  Work on recognizing those harmful ‘seeds’.  Don’t nurture them by repeating and believing them, or worse, by blaming them on others.


Water and nurture thoughts that tell you ‘you are good enough’.

Have compassion for your hurt thoughts – treat them with kindness.


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