Cindy Owen, RP, MBT

Registered Psychotherapist

Hi there, my name is Cindy Owen and I use mindfulness-based therapy to help people recover from past negative experiences or trauma and change current negative thinking.

Do you ever feel like you are overly sensitive or stuffing your emotions? Do you find that your emotional state interferes with your relationships, work or self-esteem?

I help people discover that they are “good enough” and that they can overcome their anxiety and depression.  We live in a very confusing, overstimulated world where we often get the message we are “not good enough".  This is where I come in and teach you the skills to change this negative thought pattern through counselling.

I am a registered psychotherapist and have studied and practised Mindfulness and Meditation for over 15 years. I incorporate mindfulness into therapy sessions as well as give you tools that you can take and use at home.  Mindfulness-based psychotherapy is a beautiful marriage of the best of what the East and West have to offer in healing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Mindfulness is more than just coming into the present moment.  It is about recognizing and taking control of our reactions to our thoughts without pushing away. With clear awareness, we can see where we have been holding ourselves back. This happens most often when we do not accept and appreciate ourselves for the beautiful person that we are; warts and all.  We expect perfection and that is just not possible nor necessary.  By using mindfulness we can heal from the past and alleviate negative thinking and self-abuse.  This is all done with great compassion and empathy, for ourselves and others.  We can learn to live a life fully awake, eliminate the drama, and honour all our emotions with gratitude.

I offer 15-minute complimentary consultations to see if counselling is right for you. 

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