Why the alignment of the pelvis matters in pregnancy

Chiropractors are the experts in assessing and correcting issues relating to joint alignment and biomechanics, and an optimally aligned pelvis and low back is definitely something that you want on your side when you are pregnant and looking to birth a baby! Why? Because for 40-ish weeks baby lives within the confines of your low back and pelvic area, and then baby has to pass through the pelvis during birth. If the bones of this region are not well aligned or moving optimally, this process becomes much more difficult for baby and mom, with increased pain and the potential for medical intervention and birth trauma to both parties.

            When I assess and treat pregnant women, one of the bones I am most concerned with is the sacrum. The sacrum is the central bone in your pelvis – the last lumbar vertebrae sits on top of the sacrum, and the two ilia (commonly referred to as your ‘hip’ bones) are connected to the sacrum on each side. A properly aligned sacrum is essential for proper alignment of all these other bones.

            Additionally, the sacrum connects to the uterus via the uterosacral ligament. This means that if the sacrum is mis-aligned or ‘stuck’, it will also distort how the uterus lies due to this ligamentous connection. When you think about this, it makes logical sense that if your uterus isn’t positioned well, baby could be more cramped and may not be able to get into the best position possible for birth.

            Thankfully, chiropractic adjustments are both highly safe and effective at restoring optimal alignment and motion to the sacrum, allowing the entire pelvis to be more aligned and decreasing tension in the uterosacral ligament and thus on the uterus. This then can allow a healthier pregnancy and give you the best shot possible at having a natural, easier, quicker birth experience, and what pregnant woman doesn’t want that? 


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