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They are primary care providers. They work with patients towards the resolution of acute and chronic illnesses; paying particular attention to the root cause of the illness…

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Osteopathy is a holistic, natural, manual therapy that treats the entire body as a unit; as all structure and functions within the body are interrelated and affect one another.

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This is a professional, nonjudgmental, mutually respectful, and empowering relationship that allows clients to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully through increased…

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This type of injection provides a large dose of vitamin D3 to the body through injection right into the muscle. Studies show that after injection, vitamin D3 levels in the blood rise over…

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This therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy is a clinically-oriented healthcare option …

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Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in India, with influence of Chinese Traditional medicine as well. The emphasis is on treating the whole body and removing blockages in the flow…

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Chiropractic is a therapeutic, non-invasive, holistic healthcare discipline.Chiropractors are experts in assessing, diagnosing and treating complaints of the…

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    Natural Choice Medical Clinic is Guelph’s premier Naturopathic Centre helping you feel more energized, sleep better, stress less and live well.

    Our compassionate and knowledgeable Doctors offer individualized care, take time to listen to your concerns and provide an evidence-based and traditional approach to your treatment.




    Registered Massage Therapist

    Guelph, ON

    Tamara strongly believes in the healing power of touch and that massage therapy is a vital component to achieving whole body wellness. 

    Tamara completed her studies and training at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in May of 2020. Tamara’s determination and passion to fulfill her chosen career, found her graduating with distinction from Trios College in Kitchener, the following year.

    Throughout her education and career, Tamara has utilized her skills in various settings, helping people of all ages in achieving their wellness goals. She uses a slow, therapeutic approach to her sessions; combining Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, passive + active release techniques, stretches, trigger point therapy and joint movement; collaborating closely with her patients, understanding their unique needs to tailor treatments that address their specific concerns.

    Tamara is dedicated to refining her skills for the benefit of her patients. She holds certifications in Indian Head Massage and Bamboo Massage.

    With a background of experience working in a medical setting, combined with her clinical education, you will find Tamara to be an approachable, caring and professional therapist who is focused on providing intuitive, relaxing treatments to enhance your quality of life and nurture your well-being.




    Guelph, ON

    Hello, I’m Kathryn!

    I graduated from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine (AIM) Academy in Toronto in 2018 and I am a registered Acupuncturist in good standing with the CTCMPAO.

    As a former competitive ski racer, I underwent many treatments for injuries sustained throughout the years. One of these treatments was acupuncture and it sparked something in me that would lead to one of my biggest passions. After trying my hand at a few other career paths, I always knew I was meant for a career in health and wellness and so I began my acupuncture studies in 2015.

    Through my clinical experience as a student, I developed a strong love for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its approach and versatility. I am passionate about helping others discover the root causes of their complaints and I am deeply committed to providing a safe, calm and comfortable environment to work together with you on your journey of healing. Along with my training in acupuncture, I developed a variety of skills including fire cupping, gua sha, tui na and moxibustion.

    Currently, I am also undergoing schooling to become a registered massage therapist!

    I am so excited to connect and share my knowledge and passion for TCM with you!


    Guelph, ON

    Hey there!

    I am Dr. Akhila Vallala. I am thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of the Natural Choice Medical Clinic team. With a background in Healthcare administration and Clinical Pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy), I am excited to join forces with this incredible community of healthcare professionals.

    I am from India and I came to Canada about 2 years ago and I really like it here. I am an outgoing person and am always curious to learn new things to grow in my personal life as well as in my professional career.

    In my free time, I like reading books, sketching, painting, going for walks or binge watching tv shows. Looking forward to being a part of your health and wellness journey! See you!



    Guelph, ON

    Hello, I’m Clara, and I’m excited to connect with you!

    With a background in Psychology from the University of Guelph and experience as a
    certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach, I approach well-being by recognizing the
    intricate connection between the mind and body in the healing process.

    My focus is on understanding the impact of lifestyle habits, dysfunctional movement
    patterns, and stress to create lasting change. Each treatment is tailored to your specific
    needs, whether addressing a condition, healing an injury, or finding relief from

    Following an assessment, we’ll utilize techniques like soft tissue mobilization, fascial
    release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue work, and hydrotherapy. We’ll discuss specific
    stretches, strengthening exercises, and lifestyle adjustments to improve and maintain
    your progress.

    Believing in the body’s innate capacity to heal, my mission is to empower and support
    you on your healing journey. I vow to create a space where you feel safe and
    comfortable, allowing you to fully relax into your body.

    If this resonates with you, I’d be honored to be a part of your wellness journey. To get
    started, feel free to schedule an appointment at your convenience. I look forward to
    meeting you!

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