Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity:


food allergy is an acute hypersensitivity reaction that results in an increased production of IgE (immunoglobulin E) in the body. This triggers a severe reaction, that may result in airway closure, throat/tongue swelling, rash/hives and other severe symptoms leading to anaphylaxis. Food allergies can be life-threatening.


food sensitivity is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction that results in an increased production of IgG in the body. This triggers a reaction that is more mild but often chronic.  IgG antibody-allergen complexes can deposit in any tissue in the body and cause inflammation.  Food sensitivities can develop at any time during life and can be the underlying cause of many health problems.


There are three food sensitivity tests available at our clinic; the IgG 120+ test (120 different foods), the IgG 200+ test  (200 different foods) and the IgG Vegetarian 160+ (160 different vegetarian foods).  These are all tested using a blood sample, taken at your local LifeLabs.  Click HERE to view the foods tested in each of these different panels.