Neuro-linguistic Programming


NLP is a model of communication – how we communicate to ourselves and to others.  This is important because how we communicate creates and affects our behavior.  The NLP model combines cognitive and behavioural theories to understand how we take in and process information and to change the programs we run inside our heads that produce our behaviours.  By changing those programs, we can change behavior quickly and effectively.  



Are you feeling stuck?  Do you struggle with anxiety and feel overwhelmed by stress? Do you hear that inner voice criticizing you, telling you that you are not good enough? Do you see your goals passing you by unfulfilled?


Life can be overwhelming sometimes.  Imagine feeling that your struggles are all behind you.  What would your life be like if you felt calm and confident?   What if you could regularly achieve your goals?  You can live the life you desire because you are worthy of it!!


A Personal Breakthrough will help you achieve the change you want so you can live your best life.  Unlike traditional counselling, a personal breakthrough works at the level of the unconscious mind – the part of our mind that controls most of our behavior and the part of our mind where change happens.  So change happens fast and it lasts.  Just imagine the relief you will feel when you see your life change.  And it will, will it not?!


The Personal Breakthrough consists of five 2 hour sessions held twice weekly, and 2 one hour follow up sessions at 4 weeks and 8 weeks. 



Time Line Therapy® techniques use one’s active imagination to connect with our unconscious mind so that old negative emotions and limiting beliefs can be eliminated and new positive beliefs and events can be created and installed in the future to support the client’s goals and desired outcomes.  It is a powerful technique particularly when combined with NLP to create fast, effective and lasting change.  


I know you are wondering, and it’s good to wonder because that means you are open to change.  And you can change, can you not?

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