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Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in India, with influence of Chinese Traditional medicine as well. The emphasis is on treating the whole body and removing blockages in the flow of energy. It is a combination of compression on energetic points and long lever stretches for the hips, shoulders and spine. It has been referred to as the lazy man’s yoga as a lot of stretches resemble yoga poses.

It gives a general sense of wellness and wholeness of the body and the mind. Many people that have received good quality Thai Massage regard it as their favourite kind of massage to receive for general balancing, maintenance and relaxation. It is usually not ideal to treat a very specific injury, especially in the acute phase, using Thai Massage.


What to wear?

Comfortable, flexible clothing. Usually sportswear, or yoga cloth. If you tend to run hot, shorts and a T-shirt/tanktop can be good, if you run cold, long pants, warm socks and a long-sleeved shirt or even a sweater may work better for you.

Initial Consult:

During an initial traditional Thai massage, we will review your history (there is no need for a new health history if you have one for massage therapy). We will evaluate your goals.


Sylvain started as an IT engineer in an environmental research institute in New Caledonia, his native tropical island. After only a few years, he realized it would not make him happy. He went on a quest to find a contribution that would resonate with his heart. He started studying Thai Massage and fell in love with it during a trip to Thailand. Years later, when he moved to Ontario with his family, he studied massage therapy at CCMH and received the award for academic excellence with the highest average in 2019. Since 2020, he has been enrolled at the Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy in a 5-year program.

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