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Vitamin D Injection


What is it?

This type of injection provides a large dose of vitamin D3 to the body through injection right into the muscle. Studies show that after injection, vitamin D3 levels in the blood rise over weeks and then maintain that level for months.*

Vitamin D is a misnomer, as it functions as a hormone within the body. The body can make its vitamin D from direct sunlight, but in a place like Canada, sunlight is lacking for a large part of the year. This is why people choose to get vitamin D from supplements.

Your body must convert the vitamin D that can be made from sunlight and the vitamin D from supplements numerous times before it can use them.

At NCMC, we use Vitamin D3- Cholecalciferol. This is the active form of Vitamin D; the body can use it immediately!

Why do I need Vitamin D3?

Active D3 is required for the following:

Who might benefit most from Vitamin D injections?

Vitamin D injections are helpful for people with low Vitamin D levels who find taking pills to be inconvenient and difficult to keep up with. Vitamin D needs to be taken with fatty foods (nuts, seeds, fish, avocado, oils) for optimal absorption, so planning this into one’s busy day can prove cumbersome. This is where the injection comes in very handy; one shot and you’re on your way.

Vitamin D injections are also ideal for people with poor gut health, where intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins proves to be very difficult. If you find that you have great difficulty digesting fatty foods, injections might be the best delivery method for you.

How do I know if my D3 level is low?

Your Naturopathic Doctor will need a recent lab test (blood) to confirm low Vitamin D status.

If your medical doctor is unable or unwilling to run this test, one of our Naturopathic Doctors can provide you with a LifeLabs requisition.

How do I make an appointment for a vitamin D3 injection?

After reviewing your most recent vitamin D test, your Naturopathic Doctor will determine how much vitamin D you need and how many injections you need.
If your Naturopathic Doctor determines that you require regular injections to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, they will work with you to determine an ideal injection schedule.
Repeat vitamin D testing is required to ensure that you are not getting too much vitamin D. Vitamin D is harmful at high levels. Be sure to always work with a Naturopathic Doctor when supplementing with Vitamin D3.

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